The First Lesson Of Offshore Asset Protection


If you watch the news, it seems that offshore is another source of hell, along with AIDS, wars and the huge debt of the world economy. According to a loud statement, offshore companies are a haven for illegally acquired funds, from which taxes are not paid. Emotions reach the highest intensity, including the accusation of “lack of patriotism.” All this creates the impression that offshore companies are illegal and not worth the attention of serious law-abiding people.

But this is not the case: offshore is a completely legal tool that rational people and companies use for their security in every corner of the planet.

What is the “take an asset offshore” in its essence? This is a simple action that means transferring money, property rights, or something else from one country to another. In general, that’s all. In other words, by opening an account not in Russia, but in the USA, you create for yourself an offshore account.

Of course, a point follows next, taking into account the profitability of creating an offshore in a particular country, but in fact, everything is very simple – the transfer of assets from one country to another.

This tool is used by both individuals and legal entities, i.e. the company. World-famous brands like Microsoft, Apple, Nike use offshore companies to save billions in taxes and protect their assets. Ask any millionaire or even just a wealthy person, and most likely it turns out that he has a savings account or a full-fledged offshore company somewhere in a third country.

Why do companies and people open offshore accounts and offshore companies? They are interested in safety and efficiency. This is a reasonable precaution in a world that is not very stable.

Let us give an example of today’s Greece. Residents of the country were in a very difficult situation: the government owes a lot of money to external creditors that it cannot pay. There is a crisis in the country, and in order not to completely destroy the banking sector, restrictions are imposed on capital transfers and cash withdrawals. 60 euros a day is practically nothing.

Those who only had a home score had no fun at all. Especially against the background of rumors that for the sake of paying off debts, they may also cut the accounts of depositors.

But those who thought about the prospects of the whole situation in time turned out to be in a much more advantageous situation: foreigners are not forbidden to withdraw cash in ATMs in any amount from their foreign accounts (as long as it is in ATMs); besides, having a valid account, you can continue to buy food, travel and other benefits of civilization with the price you like.

The indigenous people of Greece only with a local account, without access to funds, in fact, cannot even leave the country. But those who thought about it earlier – can do almost everything that they need.

An even more vivid example is Argentina. Over the past decade, she then showed excellent growth, the global decline. The currency has depreciated several times, making the population savings meaningless. And almost all Argentines who were able to recover from one or two blows began to create foreign accounts for themselves. As insurance.

Besides, today you can open a foreign bank account remotely. , without leaving home. No need for complex procedures, only if we are not talking about very large amounts and very advanced banks. But in any case, an offshore account becomes the first step to real security.

The problem is that we were frightened by scary stories that offshore is bad. On the other hand, there is a classic Russian proverb that “until the thunderclap, the peasant will not cross”. And many risk everything to everyone, leaving their assets in one place, hoping for good luck, or without even thinking about the consequences if something happens to them.

The important lesson of offshore asset protection

lesson offshore asset protection

Today is a completely unwise approach. Moreover, opening a foreign offshore bank account is a simple, fast, pragmatic and effective way to protect yourself, your family and assets from shocks.

You do not need to withdraw all funds abroad, but some amount will be required. It is legal, it is promising and it is safe, provided that the correct jurisdiction and bank are chosen.

Yes, legislation in Russia requires that you declare your foreign accounts and report on its status at different time intervals (once a year). On the other hand, this is not a ban. It’s just a little more bureaucracy in our “paper” world. And you can put up with it for the sake of confidence.

We offer you services for opening offshore accounts in all parts of the world. It can be both accounts opened remotely and in person. Your bank may be located in Antigua, Singapore or Monaco. It depends on your wishes, goals and the estimated amount of the deposit. Whatever you choose, we can provide both consulting and practical assistance in opening a bank account.

The easiest, but the important lesson of offshore Asset protection is that you have a right to it and it is completely legal. It is necessary to understand that advantageous offers and tools often try to discredit in various ways. Especially when it comes to independence and money.

Therefore, be careful, read between the lines: the louder they extol something or blacken it, the more hidden motives lie in this area. The reasons may be different, but if we are talking about offshore and offshore accounts, then this is security, independence, tax cuts – everything that officials and tax services do not like.

And you have the right to get it all at any time. But consider – if thunder breaks out, it may be too late to be baptized. Therefore, do not waste time and write to our specialists so that they help you as quicklyas possible with the opening of an offshore bank account.

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